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Through the production of titanium and silicon and the development of related technologies, Osaka Titanium technologies is contributing to the progress of human civilization!


Titanium sponge

Titanium sponge

Titanium ingots

Titanium ingots

The current process for producing titanium was developed by Dr. Kroll in 1946. In 1952, our company became the first company in Japan to succeed in commercially manufacturing titanium and we are now among the world's largest makers of this product.

Titanium sponge is manufactured in six countries including Japan, the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and China. However, only a few manufacturers, including our company, have the technology for manufacturing high-quality titanium sponge (referred to as premium grade) for use in the manufacture of critical parts such as aircraft engine components.

Due to our capability to develop unique technologies and our accumulated expertise, we are recognized by our customers as a leading manufacturer of titanium sponge, in terms of both quality and quantity.

We also manufacture titanium ingots using titanium sponge as the primary raw material. Distinctive features of our large titanium ingots include their excellent surface condition and high internal quality. Lightweight, strong and rustproof, our titanium ingots are processed into pipes and sheets; pipes for such large-scale facilities as thermal power plants, petrochemical and seawater desalination plants, and sheets for heat exchangers used in ships and LNG manufacturing plants. We intend to further expand our business based on the platform of titanium sponge manufacturing.


Polycrystalline Silicon

Polycrystalline Silicon

Silicon wafers are used as substrate materials for all semiconductors in products including personal computers, smartphones and digital cameras, and are indispensable materials in the electronics industry.

These silicon wafers are produced at monocrystalline wafer manufacturers, and we manufacture and sell the material used to make them: high-purity polycrystalline silicon.

Since OTC began making polycrystalline silicon in 1960, it has made successive improvements to its developmental technologies while maintaining the world's top quality standards (11N=99.999999999%) for semiconductor-grade products.

As an extremely high purity level is required for semiconductor-grade polycrystalline silicon, the number of manufacturers of this material worldwide is limited.

High-Performance Materials

Titanium and silicon - materials that are driving industrial development. These are two major cutting-edge materials with huge potential. We believe that one of our key responsibilities is to exploit their full potential and develop new products which meet our customers' needs. Accordingly, we intend to focus on fostering the high-performance materials business as our company's third core business.


High purity titanium

Sio  Silicon powder

SiO (Silicon Monoxide)

Titanium powder


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