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Titanium sponge

Titanium sponge

Titanium sponge (10 ton batch) 2.5 to 3 m high x 2 m across

Titanium sponge refining process【Reduction/Vacuum separation process】

In the manufacturing process for titanium sponge, pure titanium tetrachloride is reacted in a stainless steel reactor with magnesium metal heated to 900℃. The titanium tetrachloride is reduced by the magnesium to produce the sponge. Magnesium chloride is extracted at regular intervals during the reaction by the application of pressure. After the reaction has completed, the magnesium chloride and magnesium included in the lump of titanium sponge are eliminated by high temperature vacuum extraction (vacuum separation process), to leave the titanium sponge.

Electrolysis of magnesium chloride【Electrolysis process】

The magnesium chloride extracted during the reaction is subjected to electrolysis to decompose into chlorine and magnesium. The chlorine is returned to the chlorination and distillation process, and the magnesium is returned to the reduction and vacuum separation process for re-use.

Chemical reactions

Reduction/vacuum separation process

TiCl4+2Mg=Ti+2MgCl2 (reduction)

Electrolysis process

MgCl2→Mg+Cl2 (electrolysis)

Crushing the titanium sponge【Crushing, sizing and packing process】

After reduction and separation, the titanium sponge is crushed by first shearing into large lumps and then into smaller pieces using shears and crushers. Levels of minor components differ from piece to piece, so the pieces are mixed together in a blender to produce a uniform quality, then distributed evenly into drum cans using a splitter. After the titanium sponge has been adjusted into the required particle size and quality, it passes through strict quality control checks before shipment.

Crushing process

Titanium sponge


Titanium sponge(after grading)

After sizing

Titanium sponge properties and chief uses

Shipments of our titanium sponge products, one feature of which is very stable and reliable supply, include a variety of high-quality titanium sponge lines manufactured using the Kroll process and subject to strict quality control to meet customer needs. These products are utilized by the aerospace industry for such applications as aircraft fuselage and engine parts, and also by general industry, primarily for applications such as plate heat exchangers. The particular grade of titanium sponge used for aircraft fuselage and engine parts is called premium grade and is manufactured under extremely stringent quality control.

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