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titanium tetrachloride

titanium tetrachloride

Titanium tetrachloride is an intermediate product in the process of manufacturing titanium sponge. We produce titanium tetrachloride products under strict quality control and ship in appropriate containers for the type of transportation used for shipment.

Main applications

1.Metalworking Used worldwide as a material for manufacturing titanium metal.
2.Pigments Used as the main component in special titanium oxides such as chloride-process titanium oxides and ultrafine particle titanium oxides.
3.Plastics Used as a catalyst in the manufacture of plastics such as PP (polypropylene), HDPE (high density polyethylene), IR (isoprene rubber), etc.
4.Electronics Used as a material in the manufacture of electronic components including TiO2, BaTiO3, etc.
5.Deposition material Used as a CVD (chemical vapor deposition) material in the manufacture of TiN, TiC, TiB2.
6.Others Used as a material for manufacturing organic titanium compounds.

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